Friday, January 30, 2004

Long Time...

Wow... It has been a long time since I have typed anything on this site... Well... right now I'm just staring at the screen typing whatever I'm writing in my blogger entry...
Lately I have been busy. You know... Mocks Exams... Chinese New Year (Kung Hei Fat Choi)... the year of the monkey! and working my butt off with school work. Oh... also computer man fixing my computer and putting a new hard disk (C:) because the old one is too slow and pretty much has too much doc. stuff and other stuff in it and maybe has viruses in it.

I had thoughts that have been bothering me for the past week. They were pretty much 'impure' thoughts. I've tried to be more positive about them but instead I think negative about them, which is really depressing. What bothered me the most is my guitar. Just realising that I can't play very well even though I pratise almost everyday. I seem to have some feeling that I am losing interest... and second thoughts about being in the worship team... I really love serving God by playing electric guitar in the worship team but I am getting the feeling that I am not good enough. Anyways... for that point, it's like "you suck at playing guitar!" sort of thing...
Another thought bothering me which is... my birthday coming up soon, next month. I have no idea what to do for my birthday except just do nothing about it. I really do wish I could have a party and I really want to celebrate... but... the thing is that I have some depressing moments about it.
I have prayed to God about it but I guess it is gonna take a while to find peace from everything i have been through the past week. well... that is all... write about my spiritual stuff later.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

here are some more pictures from the new years eve party.

well... thats all I got... lol I have other photos too but they are not from the new years eve party... just other random photos... not sure if i should post them... anyways Ciao!

Monday, January 12, 2004

Here are a few pictures from new years...

I'll post some more later! (I know they aren't that great but at least I've got something to share...)

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Sorry... I just felt like adding that...

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Last Saturday at SNA was great! Playing electric guitar for God was awesome! At first I thought I was going to mess up totally... but I didn't have to worry because God will always love for what I'm doing even though I did one little mistake or more, doesn't matter, as I said he loves me for what I do for him. While I was playing worship, I was playing with no fear... of course... I felt that God was speaking to me through the music... So... I felt that I had more confidence in me... oh... I really would like to say something... I love being in the worship team! hehe... sorry just something that I would like to share... even though... I don't think I'll be playing with the worship team every Saturday...

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Things happening so far...

I swear... there's something wrong with my blog... or maybe my computer or whatever it is. anyways... recently I have been doing exams... Last monday was the first day, just remembering that day I was so nervous and scared and for some odd reason I didn't sense that God was around. As soon as I turned to the first page of my exam paper I panicked. It was so hard and nerve raking, I thought to myself "I can't do this! I can't do this!." At the end I felt better because it was over and done. Year 11 is getting tough but it's a challenge.
Spiritually I've prayed about the troubles in the exams... He said that he will try and comfort me... or whatever... so yeah I have nothing much to say. Also, for the past two weeks I felt like something was missing part of my life... and that part is my guitar. When I went to the vine office last tuesday, I saw one of the guitars... just looking at one of them made me feel that I desperately wanted to play! So i did play on one of the guitars and it was cool but everyone at the office seemed busy... like Susan was talking to Derek, Alison and all that... so i continue playing guitar while everyone else was talking when they don't realise that I was still around (it's like i don't exist) but doesn't matter... I'm not a talkative person plus I still need to get to know some new people that I either met or seen them around but haven't got the chance to talk to them or something like that I don't know what on earth i'm blabbering about now?

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

For this entry I just thought of sharing by putting photos on this site;

These are photo's of my brother(Gareth), his friends, and one picture him with our parents.

Thursday, January 01, 2004

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!! IT'S 2004 AND YAY! I'M NOT "BLOG OF THE MONTH" ANYMORE FOR THIS MONTHS SNA WEBSITE... anyways... i am so bad at updating! but i think you might be interested of looking at my xanga site which has lots of pictures! much better than this site. I really prefer my xanga site now instead of this site... this site is more complicated than I expected and xanga is just too easy to use. ok... this entry isn't about which of one of my sites is better than the other... it's the 1st day of 2004! so coooooooool! I had an interesting new years night... first I got totally wet with my left trouser left because Scottish James aimed the hose water pipe to me, not on purpose, carried around by someone's shoulder, and someones dirty hands touched my face... ok yeah i'm really tired now... it's almost 5 in the morning and i should be getting some sleep so I hope everyone is enjoying their 1st day of the year!

I hope this year, God will continue helping me out with my life... as in for last year (2003) I was having a difficult time for the 1st year as a Christian... i was all confused and was in full of depression but now the Lord is helping me and he cares for me so dearly... I liked Jen's testimony! Her about saying the things she had been through as a Christian, like how she wasn't listening to the signs that God has been trying to tell her, how she had to break up with her ex-boyfriend who was a none-Christian etc. etc. anyways I hope everyone had fun at new years!
I hope i'm making sense...... *zzzzzzzzzz* sleeeeeeeepy neeeeeeed reeeeest! g'night!