Friday, May 13, 2005

Just to let you know I have been trying to update sometime... I haven't updated for a while until now. Last week was Java Lounge (Coffee House). It was an awesome night cos there was a lot of performances and someone from flight sang the American anthem again, the same thing as last Coffee House. it was cool but couldn't stand up for it cos i'm not American... anyhow I did performed one song and it was a michelle branch song. man... speaking of that i remember being a michelle branch fan cos she plays guitar and she does her own stuff... hahaha yeah overall Java Lounge was awesome.

I have been thinking about the past few months and things have changed a lot. People don't like change and i'm sort of one of those people. I can understand that there are reasons behind every change but change is always better. God's plans for each of everyone of his children has a plan, and whenever He has planned there's a purpose within that plan. Anyhow, thats all i'm going to say... ciao


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