Saturday, October 28, 2006

Update in Bournemouth

I have found a church in Bournemouth called Bournemouth vineyard, very chilled out place for a cup of tea and doughnuts. The worship is similar to the vine church but in a different style. Just to let you know not in a bad way. I'm still struggling to find some christian friends around here... and i pray that God will help me find at least a brother or sister to get along with. Not that i am saying I don't have friends at university... Within the people that i have met already, i am still finding myself slightly lost with my identity. It's hard to be yourself sometimes but at the same time i'm not here to impress people by pretending that i'm someone else. I know God can help me along the way by standing out into the crowd. Just being who i am not just be somebody else. anyhow, back to church. whenever i go to church i always get a flash of the word "Still." At first it reminded me of the song "I Will Be Still" and I looked up in the bible in NIV Version.

7 Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him;
do not fret when men succeed in their ways,
when they carry out their wicked schemes.

Anyways, Just updating on what's been going... I'm really enjoying my course (which i think i've said taht too many times) and i'm finding it very challenging in the acedemic side.

Yeah, God Bless you Everyone!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

New life ahead...

It's strange that i have finished my exams... senior ball coming up tomorrow ... and i'm going to europe for chamber choir tour on wednesday... holidays... wow... things are starting to be completely different for me. in a sense that i'm a graduated student from South Island school. DUring my exam period i had a really tough time .. felt like my life has been challenged and God has helped me through it. recently... God has been with me the whole time during my exams... believing in myself that my exam results will be fine .. able to get into the university i want to go to. I could've gone to Wales but sadly they don't have foundation degrees so i have to go to england which is more expensive to get education now... anyways God is good! - sorry gotta rush to kwai fong now!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Flight Worship

Last friday at Flight852 (youth group) I lead worship and I was really pumped up after praying together as a worship team. The set was solid and good. I Love God. So i was so excited i couldn't wait... but then... during worship i could sing most of the songs... I was out of pitch when singing and i realised that... so the back ups had to do most of the leading... which i felt like i wasn't doing my job properly.. trying to create a signal was hard for them to indicate where to go for each song... so yeah.. afterwards i felt I couldn't help the fact that i messed up some parts...
it bothered me a lot and made me stay up almost all night...

Then came saturday... Junk trip was cancelled... so watched a movie instead which was great. then hours later came 180 (adult group). after 180, went home.. and in my mind i was still thinking about me worship leader role... so i decided to record myself to see what my voice is like now... I discouraged myself... I felt like I didn't want to lead worship anymore or even sing for that matter... my pitch was out and i couldn't stand it... I can hear it so clearly when recorded by not by hearing by myself when i sing... I guess i lost a bit of faith. I never had a comment on my voice before... but just based on my performance...

God I'm sorry...

Saturday, June 10, 2006

wow i have to say i seem to have a lot of useless stuff like a few promotopnal comments and weird people on my chatterbox who i don't even know... so i may have to start updating this blog really soon and may abandon my xanga site... Ciao for now!