Saturday, June 05, 2004

Hey y'all! Gonna make this a short entry. Life has been different recently... I've finished year 11 and I am in exam leave/kind of on holiday. I sometimes never realize how fast life goes, and I've started thinking about what happened to my life this year. There are a few things that happened in my life and I thank God for what he has done for me. I thank Him for letting me play electric guitar with the worship team and play with all my heart to Him. I thank Him for showing me the light. I thank Him for wonderful friends and everything.

Also, for the last few months I've been learning how to help others when they are troubled. Listening to them... Talking to them... Praying for them... most of the time now God tells me that He loves me for what I am doing... and He tells me that almost everyweek now... well... there's nothing much else to say but overall that my life is great. (I hope I'm making sense because right now it's 12:45am and I don't know if anyone is going to understand this entry and also I hope I don't sound stupid)

Peace out!