Saturday, September 11, 2004

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21st September

The past few days have been depressing. Most people I knew have already departed Hong Kong. Not going to see them until Christmas (I guess) which seems to be too long. Never been this down since beginning of yr10. How my best friend left to England because of their personal reasons. But there is always a lesson to it. As John said at church last Sunday "Don't dwell on the past." - (That 'moving on' topic hit me)
Last Friday was a special night for flight852. It was great going to the Peak. When we got there I didn't know where we were going exactly because I actually thought that we were going to the Peak building looking over the view of HK... something like that. I didn't expect to be at this unknown place where it was dark and scary but wonderful. The stars were not as bright but I was able to see most of them. But it was a beautiful night. The breeze gave me a spirit feeling while worship and also when I was talking to God, alone.
God has given me so much and I am really thankful for being blessed by his presence. This may sound stupid the way I say it but last friday He told me 'You may think you are alone in this world, but you are always in my presence.'