Thursday, June 29, 2006

New life ahead...

It's strange that i have finished my exams... senior ball coming up tomorrow ... and i'm going to europe for chamber choir tour on wednesday... holidays... wow... things are starting to be completely different for me. in a sense that i'm a graduated student from South Island school. DUring my exam period i had a really tough time .. felt like my life has been challenged and God has helped me through it. recently... God has been with me the whole time during my exams... believing in myself that my exam results will be fine .. able to get into the university i want to go to. I could've gone to Wales but sadly they don't have foundation degrees so i have to go to england which is more expensive to get education now... anyways God is good! - sorry gotta rush to kwai fong now!


At 11:20 am, Blogger said...

I know that you will be fine with all your exam results, this is because God is in control!

You throw the dice but only He knows where it will land and only He can control where it lands!

Be blessed with everything around you, leaving Hong Kong isnt a bad thing, yes it will be sad and a little heart breaking but God has great plans for you in england and already given you great friends! :)

Have fun in europe, and ill see you when you get back alright! Dinner? Lunch? Your call!

Loves, x


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