Monday, July 25, 2005

Hillsong United Live in Hong Kong

The Vine is proud to present Hillsong United Live in Hong Kong. As part of Hillsong United's Asia/Europe tour they will be stopping off in HK for one night only. The event is FREE but there is limited seating so make sure you get to the venue early to secure your seat. Doors will open at 7pm. Also, Hillsong Youth Pastor Phil Dooley will be delivering a bilingual message, so make sure you don't miss out on this great night of next generation worship. Hillsong United CD's Look To You, More Than Life, and other's will be available to buy on the night as well as other great resources for you and your church.

Hong Kong Poly University Jockey Club Auditorium, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong - 7Pm AUGUST 4TH

Don't Miss HILLSONG UNITED when they are in Hong Kong!!! Once in a life time! They are on Tour!!! so Come on and lets worship and praise God! =)

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Hillsong Conference

You know if you asked me about Hillsong right now, I couldn't tell you or even describe about my days at Hillsong, but tell you that it was AWESOME!!!!!! and AMAZING!!!!

Start with the basics, I went to Wildlife which is the youth conference during the day and the main conference with the adults in the evening. They are both slightly different... I think... Anyways, now i'll type my journey at Hillsong, which will be loooong.... hahaha (hopefully not too long)

The first day, when I arrived in Sydney, I didn't know what the conference was going to be like since it was my first time going there. People told me it was awesome but they couldn't tell me what it was really like. So I didn't know how to react. My Dad drove me to the hotel I was suppose to stay in and at one point we were clueless on where we were because Sydney has a lack of way with their road signs and we got lost. At that point I was panicking a little but eventually I knew I would be ok. As soon as i got to my hotel no one i knew was there and received a letter from both my youth pastors saying different things. the first message said that i should take a taxi to the superdome and they'll save a seat for me. The Second message said that if i am not sure or tired I should stay where i am and meet up with them tomorrow. So i decided to go to the superdome. I didn't want to sit around and do nothing while everyone else is having fun, learning from the word of God and worshiping Him. My parents dropped me off at the superdome. Have to say i felt totally lost but managed to find the entrance into the conference. Eventually I managed to find my group... funny to say how i found them... hahahaha .... ok... ok... one of my friend's head pretty much popped up(big head :-) ) Thats how I found my group hahaha. anyways.... we all went, got our seats, started worshipping God and had a sermon then worshipped God afterwards. I can't remember what the sermon was about... (I am so bad at remembering... *sigh*) but it was great. so the format of the main conference was the same everyday (mon-fri) but friday was the finale.... no offense but it was a little bit of a disappointing finale... I kind of expected more in a finale... guess we can't get everything as we expected.

Wildlife.... Wildlife.... it was so FUN!!! the format of Wildlife was first worship, sermon, break, electives, lunch, tribe war... thats pretty much the same everyday (except Wildlife started on a tuesday). Worship was awesome, every morning we worship and praise God, getting the feel of his prescence. Everytime we sing we are always singing together as one. It was amazing. The sermons we get are more understanding then the ones in the main services, but you know it doesn't really matter... I've learnt so much during the conference week I wish i could go back and stay there. The word of God is powerful.

yeah i don't know if i should say anymore at this point because I have a lot to say and this update is taking me too long... but all I can say is that God has spoken to me through Hillsong and there are things that God wants me to do for Flight next term =). I'm really excited on what God is going to do in my life during the next few months. For people who haven't been to Hillsong yet, I recommend that you should go next year because it's awesome and Hillsong will change your life completely. Thats all for now... but may update this more detailed. =)

- Kath

---------------------------------------------------------- EDIT

This is one of the songs in the HILLSONG UNITED cd that the vocal electives learnt (which i was in and also two other people from flight)

Till I See You
Words & music by Joel Houston and Jadwin Gillies

The greatest love that anyone could ever know
That overcame the cross and grave to find my soul
And till I see You face to face and grace amazing takes me home
I'll trust in You

With all I am I'll live to see Your kingdom come
And in my heart I pray You'd let Your will be done
And till I see You face to face and grace amazing takes me home
I'll trust in You

I will live to love You
I will live to bring You praise
I will live a child in awe of You

You are a voice that called the universe to be
You are the whisper in my heart that speaks to me
And till I see You face to face and grace amazing takes me home
I'll trust in you

You alone are God of all
You alone are worthy Lord
And with all I am my soul will bless Your name

I think this is an amazing song to sing. Maybe might play this at flight one day... depending if it's ok. anyways thats all.